Things I’ve been paid to do

  • bag ice cubes
  • stomp just-picked cotton into semi trailers
  • check traps in cotton fields for moths
  • give campus tours
  • schedule meetings
  • adjust stock brokers’ commissions
  • set up events
  • set up a veterinary database
  • maintain donor records
  • swing dance
  • read tarot cards
  • stock books
  • teach Quakerism
  • do page layout
  • edit books
  • make sandwiches
  • edit magazines
  • DJ
  • host at parties

Utne Independent Press Awards Nominees 2009


Utne magazine announces its Independent Press Awards Nominees 2009:

Surely you’ve heard that print journalism is doomed: layoffs this, budget cuts that, blogs, Twitter, podcasts, paid content, and so on. We, the deciders of the 20th annual Utne Independent Press Awards, must respectfully disagree with this conventional but flawed wisdom.

Take a look under “Spiritual Coverage” about a third of the way down the page!

Sleeping memes

Perhaps it would be better to let sleeping memes lie, but I’m going to pick up on my friend blaugustine’s Where I slept in 2008.

  • at home, the vast majority of nights
  • my sister’s house in Brawley, California
  • Ramada Inn, downtown San Diego, California (after visiting my family)
  • AmeriHost Inn, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (at a press check for UU World at Royle Printing)
  • Embassy Suites, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (UUA General Assembly)
  • Newton, Massachusetts (housesitting for most of July and August)
  • Bromo Ivory’s house in Rochester, New York (on my way to CaleCon)
  • CaleCon at Stone Willow Inn, Saint Mary’s, Ontario
  • EconoLodge, Fultonville, New York (on the way home from CaleCon)

I really didn’t think the list would be so long. I forgot about staying in San Diego and the press check trip until I started writing this post. I guess I haven’t been such a homebody after all.

Making the big time?

Who knew the Utne site had blogs? They do, including one on spirituality, and we made it with a story I put in our Winter 2007 “Reflections” section: Suicide, Faith, and Compassion

Kate Braestrup encountered this sad reality in her work as a chaplain for game wardens, an experience she recounts in an excerpt from her memoir, Here If You Need Me, published in the UU World, a publication of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.