2003 reading


Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians By Rabbi Lawrence Kushner. A kind and warm-hearted book. It is brief, and I found it to be very pertinent to my own spiritual life.

Sarah Mapps Douglass: Faithful Attender of Quaker Meeting: View from the Back Bench By Margaret Hope Bacon. With a foreword by Vanessa Julye. It’s really good to have this story published. Bits of Sarah Mapps Douglass’s story have been told before, but this pamphlet places what Margaret Bacon has found about her life into the context of the times and of her family and friendships. It makes clear a shameful part of Quaker history.


Simple Gifts: Lessons in Living from a Shaker Village By June Sprigg. This is a charming book: Sprigg herself, reflecting on her younger self, is interesting both as an author and as a young adult; the Shaker women and their neighbors are delightful; and the simple line drawings add a special note now and again.

For later books, I started blogging. You can find them all here at homefries.org in the archives.

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  1. Kenneth: Would you add some more recent booklists to your set?


    PS: Sorry to hear about your mom’s death, it does change your perspective. Evan’s mom died a couple of years back now. I’ve been missing her lately, esp. in regards to food. She made a very good potato salad (in a Midwest style) and I like’d to visit her take some soup along.

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