Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J K Rowling

The Half-Blood Prince is spectacular. Full of intrigue and surprise. Harry, although once again more likeable, is still a right prat.

I recommend that you not start Chapter 26, The Cave, unless you have time to finish the book.

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  1. Having devoured Book 6 in something under eight hours, (it would have been less, but I have these pesky children...) I am now practicing my Lamaze breathing trying to wait for Book 7.

    I feel like HBP was a lot less plot and a lot more setting things up for the grand finale — all the stuff she couldn’t figure out how to work in, she had to have Dumbledore show us in his handy Pensieve. But it was still fascinating and the detail and texture is amazing. JKR will never make it as a romance novelist, but I can forgive that — I may just be jealous that my teenage years were not as romantically active. I would put snogging in with the British-isms that I was unfamiliar with. Trying not to be a spoiler, I think that Harry is wrong at the end of the book — things are not as they seem.

    The other joy/worry in my Potter-related life is that my seven-year-old son just read the first three books. They’ve been on the shelf all along, but I said that I wouldn’t read them aloud nor would I get the audiobooks. I think they aren’t appropriate for anyone who isn’t old enough to read them him or herself. Seven is still kind of young from my perspective, but he did read them himself. Now I’m a teensy bit worried that maybe I won’t get first crack at Book 7. Will I be the good martyr-mommy and let my child read it first??? Hard to say at this point.

  2. I totally sympathise with the intense desire to read the seventh volume. I can’t imagine what she’s going to do, given what this volume sets up.

    Several of my co-workers and I also think things are not as they seem at the end of the book–I assume you’re refering to the actions of one of the teachers?

  3. I loved HBP. I read it in one fell swoop and now I am caught between wishing we had book seven right now (because I want to know what happens!) and feeling glad we won’t get it for a while (because once we do, it’s over)...


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