Harry Potter, part 1

Just last night I completed a re-read of the first five Harry Potter books, in preparation for The Half-Blood Prince. As a fan of both fantasy in general and the series in particular, I think they hold up rather well to re-reading. There were several bits in each volume that I hadn’t remembered, and the clever and funny bits were still clever and funny.

The versions I was reading are the UK editions, and there are a few differences in vocabulary. Points to those who can identify these terms:

  • bogies
  • trainers
  • jumper
  • skiving

One Reply to “Harry Potter, part 1”

  1. I can identify “trainers” as athletic shoes, what I would call sneakers and a jumper as what I would call a sweater. “Skiving” I take to mean playing hooky.

    Bogies I couldn’t say for sure.

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