Can You Forgive Her?

I continue my Anthony Trollope kick, this time starting the Palliser series of novels. Can You Forgive Her? is a rhetorical question that quite obviously is intended to be answered, “of course.” But I found Alice Vavasor to be tediously headstrong as well as foolish. I suppose it is to be expected when one is reading a soap opera.

2 Replies to “Can You Forgive Her?”

  1. I found her cousin George Vavasour one of the most interesting charactors in Trollope’s work. He was bad, he knew he was bad, and yet he did nothing to be better.

    Alice is interesting to me because she revolts against doing what is expected of her just because it is the accepted thing and tries to make another choice, even though she knows she will be happier doing what everyone wants her to do.

  2. I first heard about this book from my sister’s godmother, who was reading it when I was a teenager. Seeing the title, I asked her, “Well? Can you forgive her?” She said, “No, she’s too boring.” But she loved Lady Glencora, and named one of her dogs after her.

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