Ten things I got from my ancestors

A Friday Tenâ„¢ list just a bit early:

  1. From Grandma Tracey: an interest in publishing. Grandma Tracey wrote a history of Imperial Valley, where I grew up, and published a newspaper.
  2. From Grandma Sutton: a love of sweets. At least I think that’s where it came from. She gave us fresh-baked bread with butter and white sugar on it. I remember her loading up toast with lots of jam. She would take “half” the last slice of pie until there was a tiny sliver left.
  3. From my mother: a love of salty things.
  4. And high blood pressure.
  5. From my father: a bad temper.
  6. From both my grandfathers: an agrarian sensibility.
  7. From my parents: a sense of safety and of being loved.
  8. And a college education.
  9. And a need to be right (or is that a need not to be wrong?).
  10. From all my ancestors who just kept moving West: a sense of independence and self-reliance.

2 Replies to “Ten things I got from my ancestors”

  1. Well, there was the year or more that my father and I didn’t speak after he found out I was gay. And the disinvition of my partner from my sister’s wedding.

    But as a younger child, yes, I got a certain grounded feeling.

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