Ten yucky things about Zathura.

Doc Smartypants, Larry, and I saw Juman...er, Zathura last night. There were some definite good things about it: We saw it for free. The astronaut was cute. The special effects were great. I want to live in a house like that in the worst way. But in the end I found it a disappointing movie.

  1. Scary parts that aren’t scary: the entrance of the astronaut, for instance.
  2. Really obnoxious kids: flip, bratty, dim.
  3. Gratuitous teenage girl: totally irrelevant to the plot, even more of a cardboard stereotype than the boys.
  4. Tim Robbins wasted: what a dud role. (But I did like it when he finally blew up at the boys. See #2.)
  5. Why does the astronaut wear a space suit if you can breathe in space?
  6. Spoiler: It was totally lame who the astronaut turns out to be.
  7. Spoiler: The special effects just after you find out who the astronaut is were lame, lame, lame.
  8. Preachy, moralistic, predictable.
  9. The sound was too loud.
  10. There was an asshole sitting behind me who talked all the way through.

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