Self‐publishing on its way to respectability?

The state of self‐publishing is reviewed in today’s The New York Times > Books > Sunday Book Review > The Book Business: How to Be Your Own Publisher.

Indeed, someday you may be able to walk into your grocery store and convert your Christmas photos into an instant coffee‐table book written in your own deathless prose, Xlibris’s Feldcamp predicts. Almost anybody will be able to say, ”I published my book last week.”

It’s a pretty fair summary: No, they’re not traditional vanity presses; they vary widely in practice and reputation; only in very rare cases will your book get in a bookstore; magazines and newspapers won’t review your book; the books are likely to be badly edited; a few people have self‐published and been discovered.

One of the things I learned that I didn’t know: established authors like Piers Anthony have self‐published in order to break into new genres or to bring back out of print books.

And of course professionally, I would have emphasized that, like lawyers, those who edit their own writing have fools for clients.