Master and Commander

Patrick O’Brian. I liked the movie (a lot, actually), and thought I’d give the novels a try. I found it engaging and entertaining. Serious naval lingo, which I just went uh-huh and kept on going every time I came to it. It does slowly sink in, and there are what, twenty books to catch on?


I admit it pales in direct comparison to Matrix: Reloaded, but it was still a fun evening to fill out a movie day. It’s a shame Jean Gray isn’t a more compelling character; I found I didn’t care about her all that much when she died. (Or did she?)

Matrix: Reloaded

Of course it’s not as original as the first one–that’s a truism. But it is a fun movie. I admit, in some of the fight and chase scenes I was wondering not about the characters but about the filmmakers, but even so. A big two-thumbs-up.