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  1. Ooooh, I see how it is. You are just jealous because I am less dumb/dorky/awkward than you! What on earth did you answer to get a 75% there? More importantly, do I get to call you Slightly Dorky Nerd King at work now? Please?

  2. I am just a Mid-Level Nerd coming in at 71%

    Ho hum.. Rainman here is taking it as I write this. I expect he will score 99 — 100%
    waiting.... cue music
    98% Nerd God.. I think it was the Calculator question..: )


  3. How did I get Nerd God when you’re only a king? My “awkward” score came in at only 53%. (Admittedly, after some waffling, I chose sex over the internet, and I’m married, so that probably helped.)

    I think that marriage helped up my other scores, because I can quickly access all sorts of DVDs, comics, etc., even though I didn’t buy them. Unfair. I also think it stinks that they dropped all of the theater tech questions. That used to get me lots of points.

    Here’s mine

  4. Oh, I haven’t had a date in over a year, and I picked the Internet over sex. I think that just about sums it up. 🙂

  5. Hmm. Kathy, I edited yours because the results weren’t showing up. Of course, now it just links to a blank test. Oh well.

  6. I tested a “Cool History/Lit Geek.” I am clearly very deficient in the sci-fi/comix arena.

  7. Ah well, since doing it the hard way didn’t work, I’ll share mine the easy way:
    Science/Math: 58%
    Tech/Computer: 61%
    Sci-Fi/Comic: 95% (much due to James)
    History/Lit: 99%
    Dork/Awkward: 53%

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