“Let’s just saddle up and have an argument”?

I just saw footage of former president Bill Clinton saying that politics is a body sport and you have to be willing to get beat up. OK, you fucking adulterer, I want to see your income tax returns, now. And I want to see evidence that your wife, the one who is the putative candidate, can actually keep you on a leash. And why she says she “misspoke” when in fact she told several whopping, flat-out lies. And how on earth she can justify the race-baiting tactics of her campaign. And why she voted to send to Iraq 4,000 American men and women who would be alive now had she not wanted to show she has big balls—not to mention the much larger number of injuries of American servicemen and ‑women and the untold numbers of Iraqi lives lost or damaged beyond repair.

And while we’re at it, can you explain how you or she can ask for gay and lesbian support when you sold us down the river as president?

And when Hillary claims she has thirty years of experience, could she be more specific? Thirty years of experience as what, exactly? A political wife?  A failed, unelected policy wonk? A dirty street fighter? Please.

All I can say is, I am no longer willing to vote for just any Democratic candidate. If Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, I will not vote for her. How’s that for an argument, Bill?