Encountering the Living God

Well, I’ve cherry-picked the best part of Paul’s post: Showers of Blessings: La Natividad: Year 2

The most touching part for me happens at St. Paul’s when, through a nice bit of stagecraft, the masked José y Maria are replaced with a flesh-and-blood couple holding a real baby. The switcheroo can’t be seen by the audience until the right moment when the adoring animals and wise men part, and when they realize what’s happened and see the living actors and baby there’s a spontaneous “ohhhh” that fills the church. I tear up every time. I realized tonight that this is what happens whenever we are able to break through the masquerade of religion and illusion and encounter the Living God on the other side.

But how better to note his beautiful image of breaking through illusion to the Living God.

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  1. Thanks, Kenneth, for noting this.

    It has since occurred to me (in meeting yesterday) that the masked actors gave way to other actors pretending to be Mary & Joseph & baby Jesus and not the real thing at all. . . all of which is a reminder that we must always dig deeper. But the experience of reaching through to the next level is what has to happen.

  2. This is a wonderful post. Does the blogger mean the “ohhh” or the tears are what happens when we find ourselves face to face with the Living God? Probably both. Thanks to you for providing some spiritual meat on this feast day.

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