The Sons of Heaven

At long last, Kage Baker’s Company novels are brought to resolution in The Sons of Heaven. Threads of story from throughout the series are picked up. I loved having not only Botanist Mendoza’s story finished, but also those of Preserver Joseph and Literature Preservationist Lewis.

Great as the pleasure of the book was, it was touched by thoughts of my friend Barbara, with whom I began reading the series oh so many years ago. (In the Garden of Iden was published in the U.S. in early 1998.) We would borrow and trade the books with each other, comparing them to other time-travel novels, and other science fiction. As I’ve noted previously in this blog, I stopped reading for several months during and after Barbara’s illness, for no reason I understand. And while I’m once again reading, inevitably there will be times when the joy of reading carries also some sorrow at no longer being able to talk about it with Barbara.

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