Ten things about California

Since the Friday Ten has fallen way by the wayside, I thought I’d do a Tuesday Ten. (I’ve always loved alliteration. Must be the Anglo Saxon in me.) So here goes, with ten things I liked about my recent trip to California:

  1. My parents are in good health.
  2. My nephew is cute as a button and smart as a whip.
  3. It was only in the 90s (F) during the day.
  4. It was low humidity. (See #3!)
  5. It was sunny.
  6. I saw a roadrunner.
  7. I had really good Mexican food.
  8. My new blackberry worked perfectly, allowing me to check email and even to Google a guest house in Palm Springs.
  9. I spent time in Palm Springs for the first time. WooHoo! I highly recommend it.
  10. All four legs of my flights were smooth and on time.