Shame on them

There’s a skirmish in the culture wars under way in Lexington, Massachusetts. Elementary school principal Joni Jay is holding her ground about a teacher’s decision to read King and King to a second-grade class. The newspaper account describes her as a real pro, as well as having a balanced and sensible attitude. She’s met with parents who were upset about the reality of sexual orientation being raised at school and who are bringing suit against the school.

”She wanted to make us feel that our concerns were heard,” Rob Wirthlin said, ”and that’s what she left us with — that our concerns were heard.” That was insufficient, he said.

Exactly. She heard you, but you’re wrong.

Shame on them:

  • Rob and Robin Wirthlin
  • The Parents’ Rights Coalition, a Waltham group
  • David Parker

And hooray for:

  • Joni Jay
  • Lexington’s Joseph Estabrook Elementary School

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  1. In my country (The Netherlands) a skirmish like you are describing would be abnormal. It is telling that the writer of “King & King” has a Dutch name.

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