Frappr Quaker map

If you aren’t familiar with Frappr, Google’s social networking map, then this Quakers Group Map might not be the most exciting introduction. On the other hand, if you are a Quaker, you can add yourself and have an incredible effect on the statistics!

2 Replies to “Frappr Quaker map”

  1. Thank you for finding and mentioning this. I created it a few weeks ago and then forgot about it. Your pic for it is great! So cute!

  2. I posted to the Quaker map. The push pins caused me a bit of pause and chose liberal unprogrammed as the least dishonest self-label. Several YMs are united meeting joining multiple branches — CYM holds affiliation with both FGC and FUM for example. And some of us within that context find the liberal lable discomforting yet unpleasantly accurrate. Trying settle on which Quaker subset fits is like trying to read the selection board at Starbucks.

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