Polyglot dreams

Ten languages I’ve at times thought I’d like to be able to make myself understood in (or to understand, in the case of dead languages):

  1. English (not, unfortunately, always a given)
  2. French
  3. Dutch
  4. Yiddish
  5. Swahili
  6. Mandarin
  7. Icelandic
  8. Old English
  9. Latin
  10. Hebrew

See, I’ve always had this vague, unrealized dream of being a polyglot. Unfortunately, it has remained a dream, as even my six years of instruction in French (lo these many years ago) have come to naught.

Brought to you by Doc Smartypants’ Friday Tenâ„¢.

3 Replies to “Polyglot dreams”

  1. You still have plenty of time! I’d start with whichever you think would be the least useful. Or do Yiddish because it sounds so cool. I plan to be stuck in Beginner Level 2 Russian for at least the next forty years.

  2. Those T ads are a constant burr if one has polyglot dreams.

    Swahili is in large part because that’s the common language used by Quakers in East Africa.

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