Revelation Space

Alastair Reynolds. Only 300 pages (of 476), so not a finished book, but I’m finished with it. An involving space opera, but then I was reading along very late at night, and I was curious, so I went skimming along to the end, reading a paragraph here, a paragraph there, and I decided that the denoument was going to be a bunch of mumbo-jumbo deus-ex-machina, so I stalled out. Too bad.

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  1. Recently I had a similar experience with the book “Waiting for Gertrude — a Graveyard Gothic”. I made it to around page 140 (out of about 180) and stopped dead in my tracks. I didn’t pick the book up for about another two weeks. Nowadays, I figure if I haven’t been motivated enough to pick up a book of fiction in two weeks (and not doing so has nothing to do with other factors such as being very busy, etc.), it’s time to “let go” and move onto another book. So the book is now in the donation pile for the local library.

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