The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

Twyla Tharp with Mark Reiter. I actually finished this on the 27th October, but I’m just getting around to transcribing some things from my journal. Here are some of the ideas and exercises I particularly liked from the book.

Have a ritual of beginning.
1. Where’s your pencil?
3. Face your fears.
4. Give me one week without...mirrors, clocks, newspapers, speaking.
5. You can observe a lot by watching. A. Watch a man and woman together; write down everything they do until you get to 20. B. Repeat, writing down only things you find interesting. C. Compare/Contrast the two lists.
6. Pick a new name.
Chapter Five: Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box. (Organizational systems) “Easily acquired. Inexpensive. Perfectly functional. Portable. Identifiable. Disposable. Eternal enough.”
11. Chaos and coins.
12. Reading archaeologically.
15. Take a field trip.
18. How to be lucky: “Be generous.”
19. Work with the best.
23. Take inventory of your skills.
24. Play twenty questions. “Before you approach a topic, write down twenty things you want to know about it.”
26. Take away a skill.
28. Build a bridge to the next day.
31. Give yourself a second chance.