Building Your Own Theology

I’ve joined the UU-Books mailing list that the Unitarian Universalist Association sponsors, as a way of enriching my office experience. Some of the participants on that list are working through the book Building Your Own Theology. I plan to post my contributions here with minimal editing.

I’m excited about being able to join in the BYOT experience, even though I’m not a UU. I expect my participation will be useful in my life and hope it will not be disruptive to you all. I suggest that we use a “BYOT” tag in our subject lines so that anyone not participating can more easily apply a filter or rule if they want to routinely discard our messages.

Name: Kenneth Sutton

Religious value I cherish: immediate (un-mediated) experience of the divine

Religious value I have rejected: “the use of the democratic process within our congregations”

Faith in which I was raised: cultural (i.e., not religious) Christian

Religious value with which I struggle: how to be faithful in my life to my experience of God

What I hope to get out of BYOT: A more systematic understanding of my own theology; a deeper acquaintance with UU religious thought.

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  1. Kenneth, I just stumbled across your blog and its Quaker-related posts, in the midst of some rare web surfing. When I came across this post, I needed to jot down the questions you raise, in the context of Quakerism:

    A Quaker value I cherish is...
    A Quaker value I have rejected is...
    A Quaker value I am wrestling with is...

    These questions all relate to the FGC Gathering workshop I am slated to offer this summer (#36 in 2005), on Quaker identity. It’s nice to feel affirmed by seeing what you and a few other Quaker bloggers are writing about these days.

    Just wanted to pop by and say hello.


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