Hospital knitting

Yesterday’s visit to the hospital was a real ordeal. I was told on Monday to arrive at 7:30 am for 9:30 surgery. On Thursday, too late to adjust my rides, I was told 11:15. So there I was, showing up at the hospital at 7:30, but not sure about when my surgery really was, and nothing was ever clear until I finally went up to surgery at about 6:00 pm. I got home last night after 10:00.

But, I did get two hours of knitting done in the waiting room. I took the shawl out of Green Mountain Spinnery yarn, which as a mill end is still unwashed and therefore rather dirty to knit with. I decided not to knit once I went into the prep area so I could put my foot up on a bed. In two hours I did two pattern rows and 2 3/4 rows of plain knitting. I finished the third repeat of the wings of the swan pattern. There are now 111 stitches on each side. Now I’ll just have to dig around in my boxes and find the lace book, the Manos yarn I’ll probably continue with, and my knitting notebook, so I can decide what to do next.