Tuesday Too #34

1.) What would you like the world to spend research money on (inner space, outer space, stem cell, you name it research), and why do you give it top priority?

Conflict resolution research. AIDS would be better addressed in Africa if there were better methods of conflict resolution. U.S. dependence on oil for energy would lead to fewer wars if there were a better and wider understanding of how to resolve conflicts. U.S. inner cities would be safer places if conflict resolution were a serious field that was widely taught.

2.) Where’s the beef, Carmine Miranda, or what’s bugging you lately?

George W. Bush is leading the foolish sheep of the U.S. public down the primrose path to the slaughterhouse. (How’s that for a bunch of mixed metaphors?)

3.) Elliott would like to know, do you type without looking at the keyboard; in other words, are you a hunt and peek (in his case that would be hunt and claw), or a “true typist?”

I am a touch typist (or “true typist” as Elliott puts it). I learned in a summer-school class between junior high and high school.