Cat modern art

Over at John Scalzi’s Whatever (home of cat photos, sunsets, and the famous bacon on a cat): I Don’t Know Art, But I Know What I Like

Now up for bid, this absolutely stunning piece of modern work entitled ‘I Will Be There At The End of All Things, or, The Shreddination’ by the prodigiously talented artist Zeus Scalzi.

Warning: Those who don’t appreciate puns or potty humor can pass on this, but in general I heartily recommend Whatever.

I Met John Scalvi!

It was so exciting, the day I met John Scalvi! It was quite by accident. Literally. I was minding my own business when a car came crashing across the sidewalk in front of me and through the window of a convenience store. I’d always heard about those elderly drivers who step on the gas instead of the brake, and here one was. And it was none other than John Scalvi.