Music for walking

For the next 24–36 hours, I’ll be playing music on Radio Riel in honor of Relay for Life of Second Life. The program ranges from gospel to new age, with a bit of classical cello and viola da gamba to bridge the gap. Notable among the religious music is a variety of Sacred Harp selections, including both highly stylized and very traditional renditions.

Please consider donating to Relay for Life, which supports the work of the American Cancer Society and their international partners.

Music for the American Cancer Society

On Sunday, July 11, 3–5pm Pacific time (that’s the time that Second Life uses), I’ll be DJing for Riel Day for Life, a fundraiser for Relay for Life of Second Life (for the American Cancer Society). I’ll be picking up from “French Classical Music” at 3 and playing a set of Klezmer and polka, as requested by Frau Annechen Lowey, until 4. Then from 4–5, please join me in celebrating the vibration, the overtone, the rasp, the twang–yes, the drone, in all its varied glory.

Riel Day for Life is in support of the New Babbage RFL team.

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Fighting cancer

The relay portion of the Relay for Life in Second Life has now begun. For the next 24 hours, people will be celebrating, learning, mourning, virtually walking, and yes, raising money for the American Cancer Society.

If you have not yet made a contribution (or even if you have and want to contribute again), you can do so using a credit card at my page on the ACS fundraising pages. (And a hearty thank-you to those who have already contributed!)