The big gay shrug

The big gay shrug / Sorry, enemies of gay marriage. Prop 8 or no, you’ve already lost

Let us hereby be reminded, before sadness and frustration overwhelm once more: Proposition 8 and its ilk are merely the last, fitful gasps of a long‐dying ideology, markers of a certain kind of sad, conservative desperation. They are the final clawings and scrapings of a reactionary worldview that attempts to outlaw and punish all it cannot, will not understand. Same as it ever was, really.

WBC Protest at UChicago

God hates figs

The Westboro Baptist Church brought their show to campus, leading the student body to a myriad of counter‐protests and celebrations of pride and diversity. Whatever the WBC’s goals are, we’ll never know, but the students’ voice was heard loud and clear: “Many identities, one community.”

(Hat tip to Scalzi. Photo by froboy licensed under Creative Commons.)

Bears hit the mainstream

On my flights to and from California, the in‐flight entertainment promoted two new TV shows with bearish leading men. Looks like we’re making the mainstream!

First, of course, there were Richard Karn in Home Improvement and Kevin James in King of Queens. But now we have two romantic leading men: Kyle Bornheimer in Worst Week and Jay Mohr in Gary Unmarried.


If you search around (even on the series websites I link to above), you’ll find several furry shirtless photos of each.