A roof, insulation, heat

It makes me happy today that I have a roof over my head, an insulated apartment with mostly new double-glazed windows, and reasonably good radiator heat provided by an oil furnace (and the means to pay for the heat).

There was snow last night and this morning, but it’s difficult to tell just how much of it there was because of the heavy winds.

Boston Modern Orchestra Project

This is a catch-up for yesterday. The BMOP did a program of works featuring the viola, two of them world premieres. It made me happy to be out hearing live music. I’m very relieved that my sort of cranky mood when I arrived didn’t make me think “this is shit.” Instead, I thought “this is absurd” (in the sense of absurdist art) and noticed it gave me a tickling feeling of almost wanting to laugh.

Dinner with an old friend

Taking a page from my friend Stacey’s book, I’m going to see how I feel about reinvigorating my blog by posting one thing that makes me happy each day of Lent. (Lent has no particular meaning for me, but that’s the time frame she’s using, it’s shared by millions of people, and it’s a time frame I can imagine keeping to.)

Today I had dinner with my friend Sara and caught up about any number of things in our lives. She gave me a gift: the admonition to remember several peak moments from my sabbatical and to never doubt their reality, even when I can’t or don’t feel what they evoked at the time.