Reality hits reality TV

BBC 4’s Big Brother program has recently created a furor over very ugly behavior. In her exit interview, ejected contestant Jade Goody has a revelation:

“I look like a complete and utter nasty small person — the sort of person I don’t like myself,” but continued: “I am not a racist and I sincerely, with my hand on my heart, apologise to anyone I have offended out there.”

Tony Blair’s defeatist attitude

The Guardian reports: Carry on flying, says Blair — science will save the planet

Tony Blair today wades into the growing controversy over how individuals can help to tackle global warming by declaring that he has no intention of abandoning long‐haul holiday flights to reduce his carbon footprint.

Days after his environment minister branded Ryanair the “irresponsible face of capitalism” for opposing an EU carbon emissions scheme, the prime minister says it is impractical to expect people to make personal sacrifices by taking holidays closer to home.