Folk Vests

Folk Vests: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World by Cheryl Oberle is a nicely done book with lots of ideas. Much like Oberle’s Knitted Shawls, most of the patterns aren’t actually patterns for Japanese or African, etc. knitted vests but are rather patterns for knitted vests inspired by international textiles.

Home to Harmony

By Philip Gulley. Sentimental and moralistic, but all the same warm, loving, and generous. Phil’s Christianity isn’t willing to leave anyone behind. Harmony is a well-drawn portrait of small-town life with affectionate pokes at most everyone.

Botany of Desire–finished!

The chapter on apples confirmed my impulses to buy locally-grown, heirloom varieties (of anything, not just apples). The second chapter was really more about people than tulips, and made me hope never to get caught up in financial speculation. The pot chapter made me want to fly off to Amsterdam. . . . The final chapter, on potatoes, made a trip to McDonald’s sound scary. Makes me want to buy only organic produce.