Favorite websites

Funny how odd it seems to be making this list on my blog! I’ve never been much of one for blogrolls, even back when that was a major part of most blogs. I am, however, a voracious consumer of RSS feeds. I use Google Reader to manage them. Here are a few of my favorites.

Blog goals

Goals? Who said anything about the blog having goals?

  • originally, as the subhead says, an aide-mémoire (but only useful if I actively blog!)
  • to vent on political or social topics for which I feel I have no other venue
  • to be on record publicly
  • to influence whoever might come across or follow the blog
  • to be findable by old friends and coworkers

Least favorite words

I don’t think I actually have “least favorite” words per se (at least not that I can put on a blog), although context does put me off as an editor.

  • “And” or “but” when used to begin a sentence.
  • “However” when used to begin a sentence with the sense of “although.”

Weekend goals

Oh, so mundane!

  • do laundry
  • buy cat litter
  • sweep and vacuum (aka: terrorize the cats, unfortunately)
  • launch “Opera with Otenth” on Radio Riel Sunday at noon EST with Don Giovanni
  • turn futon (already partially accomplished!)

30 lists

I found this meme-thing through a knitting blogger. It’s meant for scrapbookers, but I think it may serve as a good little blog jump-start. It’s 30 days of lists. And yes, I’m starting late.

A few things about me

  • I grew up in California
  • I’m an editor
  • I like cold weather and snow
  • I don’t like temperate weather and rain
  • I share my house with two cats named after characters in Trollope novels
  • I’m probably going to try doing this exercise twice simultaneously in two personae