New England Flower Show

After attending the New England Flower Show last year, I wasn’t impressed. I’ve been spoiled by the Philadelphia Flower Show (which is sort of like how the San Diego Zoo spoiled all zoos for me, and Disneyland spoiled most amusement parks).

But I went again this year, because six weeks mostly housebound with a broken ankle is just too much. It was warm and moist and mostly green. Several of the big exhibits were pretty, but no show-stoppers. The horticulture section was disappointing again. I should definitely enter next year. In the vendor area, the highlights were once again a few of the vendors and a couple of patrons! I did buy a few things–a passion flower vine and a gardenia (actually one stem instead of four or five cuttings!), as well as a new Red Lion amaryllis bulb. After years of being intrigued by the Hawaiin flower booth at every flower show I’ve ever attended, I bought plumeria cuttings. It is very exciting to have window space in my new apartment.

The Reality Dysfunction: Expansion

By Peter F. Hamilton. The plot thickens. The characters continue to draw you in. But I stalled out upon buying #3. (I skimmed–a sure kiss of death in a page-turner. It was late at night and I should have just gone to bed, but you know how it is, turn one page, then “let’s see what happens”.)